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I'm the lead producer with Believe Limited, a full scale production company and digital content agency. With Believe, I've produced films on all seven continents that have gone on to win awards and play at festivals around the world.  Take a look at Believe's reel and check back often! 

Bombardier Blood (Documentary, 2020)

Producer, Everest Director/Cinematographer


Rob is currently following mountaineer Chris Bombardier’s harrowing and profound journey as he becomes the first person with severe hemophilia A to attempt to summit Mount Everest.

Dir. Patrick James Lynch

My Beautiful Stutter 

(Documentary, 2021)

Lead Producer, Additional Cinematography

5% of all children stutter. Many will do so for the rest of their lives. It’s a condition shared by more than 70,000,000 people worldwide.

Producer Michael Alden (Grey Gardens, The King’s Speech), Believe LTD.

Dir. Ryan Gielen

Redefining Impossible Poster - Vertical - For Web (1).png

Redefining Impossible

(Documentary, 2023)


Director, Writer, Executive Producer


Five elite athletes living with hemophilia share their stories of falling in love with sport, being told that they
couldn’t play because of their condition, suffering through injuries and persevering to redefine what’s possible
for people living with hemophilia.

Dir. Rob Bradford

Let's Talk - Mental Health Documentary Poster (3).png

Let's Talk: Mental Health 

(Documentary, 2020)


Director, Writer, Executive Producer


Let's Talk is an immersive journey through the lives of five members of the U.S.
bleeding disorders community, as they open their hearts and lives to show how
we can gain strength through struggle, and that perhaps we aren't so different
after all.

Dir. Rob Bradford

The Trailer

(Comedy Short, 2016)


Writer, Director, Producer


Pandering to the yuppifying millennial generation, an up and coming young theater producer is grabbing the last few shots of a compelling promo trailer for what is sure to be Off-Broadway’s next big hit, when suddenly the director barges in and demands a halt to the shoot. The line between art and commerce is hotly debated and everyone’s viewpoints seem too strong to reach a conclusion. As the battle wanes to an inevitable end, the viewer is left to wonder whether the audience for whom they are defining art is even worth the argument. 

Dir. Rob Bradford


Watch "The Trailer" here!


Drinking Games (Thriller, 2013)

Executive Producer, Actor


Five friends trapped in a dorm on the last night of the semester are manipulated by a psychopath in their midst. Drinking Games, based on the off-Broadway play, DORM, is a lightning-fast thriller w/ rich characters and stunning production value. Similar titles: Funny Games; The Shining; Killer Joe; Drinking Games is now available on all digital platforms. "Like" us on Facebook, buy the film on iTunes, or rent on YouTube

Dir: Ryan Gielen
Distributor (Theatrical): Believe LTD
Distributor (Digital): The Orchard
Theatrical Premiere: Cinema Village East

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